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Wanna Be on TV? Lights!Camera!Action!

If you’ve ever wanted to play a sorority House Director on TV, this might be your big break. If you’ve been over to the job listings recently, you probably noticed a very intriguing offer. A British company plans to produce a reality show about the first-ever sorority house in England. Five American sorority girls will be part of the show, and they are looking for an honest-to-goodness experienced American House Mother. Now, if I were twenty years younger, and didn’t have so many wrinkles…

I emailed the producer for more information, and I’m posting her helpful comments here. Please contact her with any questions you might have, not me. I’m just passing on to you all I know here.  It sure sounds fun if you’ve got the time in August.

From  Josephine Brassy at 12 Yard Productions:

I will try and answer as many of the questions as I can, some stuff hasn’t been signed off yet by our executive producers (the nature of TV!).

Will the woman be paid? We haven’t made a decision on this yet because it depends on visas. During shooting all expenses will be paid (flight, hotels, food, drinks, etc)  We may not end up paying a fee, but do a compensation fee for expenses incurred through absence, so pay whatever the House Mother would have earned had she been house mothering during the four weeks we need her for filming. I do hope that makes sense, I realize that sounds super complicated!

Because our company is in Britain we will initially hold phone auditions. We will arrange for a good time to call and then spend 30 minutes or so getting a sense of the candidates personality. We are looking for someone with experience of House Mothering, someone warm, who cares deeply about the girls she has lived with in the past, and has a sense of what sorority life and sorority living means and has a great personality. After the phone auditions we will arrange to come to the final candidates home towns to do a screen test audition, to see what they are like on camera. This should be happening around the end of June. As I said because it depends on who we get we won’t know exact dates as we haven’t scheduled the trip. However we are coming on a big tour of the US in early June to film the HD VT inserts of our five American Sorority Sister hosts so it will definitely be around the June period.

The show is formatted reality, so that’s somewhere in the middle really! Basically the show follows an amended version of recruitment. Five American sorority girls from around the USA are coming to Britain to create the first ever UK sorority. There are very definite challenges based on real sorority life, but have been enlarged for TV purposes. So for example a Grab a Date party has been amended to also be a challenge for pledges. While we ARE creating certain challenges during the programme, we will never tell anyone what to say so it is not scripted.

The House will be a ‘normal sorority house’. It will be a very large house with the usual sorority trappings. However in this case both the House Mother and our five American sorority sisters (who are the hosts of the programme) will share one side, while the British pledges will be in a sleeping porch on the other side; this is a camera issue as the sleeping porch side will be fitted with cameras while the talent side (i.e. sorority sisters and House Mother) will not be. I’m aware that usually a house mother has her own apartment contained in the sorority house; unfortunately these house simply don’t exist here so our House Mother will probably only have her own bedroom and bathroom. This could change as well, the alternative would be that the House Mother is put in her own apartment near the Sorority House, and she visits for her segments.

The role of the House Director on the programme is:
1. Veracity, British people have absolutely no sense of sororities, we are aiming to make the programme as true to life as possible.
2. To provide a different tone to the programme, 25 women between 18-22 on screen all the time could become tiring!
3. To mentor the girls, provide support and generally be someone for them to talk to. In each episode we’d like to have a segment in which the House Mother advises and councils the American Sorority Sisters as well as the British Pledges.
The House Mother will not participate in challenges or really any segments except formal dinners attending philanthropy events (but not participating) and her role as an advisor. So in summary we will not set up any situations which would be intended to embarrass our House Mother!

As for the dates, we are still not scheduled but I suspect a leave of absence might be necessary. It will be four weeks sometime in the dates I mentioned on the ad. We will know more exact dates in a couple of weeks.

I think I explained why we want an American House Mother above, but to reiterate; the role is much more the ‘mom’ part than the ‘director’ part. We are casting other staff (the house chef, etc) so she won’t need to arrange for staffing or vending or any of the usual duties. The job entails getting a shooting schedule telling her where we’ll need her, holding ‘office hours’ in which sorority girls and pledges can come and seek advise, attending some events and formal dinners and just generally being a presence of good on the programme.

The entirety of the programme is recruitment from rush through to initiation. However in our programme the Sorority sisters will seek advise on PNMs from the House Mother so she will be involved in the process.

So whew! I hope that all makes sense, if not please get in touch and I will clarify! We are so looking forward to casting our house mother so I hope we get a lot of responses!

Thanks ever so much,

Josephine Brassey

Josephine Brassey | Development Producer | 12 Yard Productions | ITV plc





2 Comments to “Wanna Be on TV? Lights!Camera!Action!”

  1. Will this opportunity be offered again?

  2. I am interested in the new positon for sorority mom for the Pi Beta Phi house in Athens, Georgia. Please send information as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Laura Bennett

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