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U of Oregon House Director to star in new reality show!

It’s going to be an exciting adventure for one US sorority house director, Deb Chapman of Eugene, Oregon.  Late last spring, was contacted about this unique opportunity and I got the word out. A production company plans to film the creation of the first-ever American-style sorority in England. Besides selecting outstanding young sorority leaders, they need a wonderful House Mom to exemplify that role. Fifty of you readers responded to the casting call! The casting director, Josephine Brassey,  commented on what a fantastic bunch you were.  But they had to narrow it down to one!

Here’s a note from Deb that I thought you’d enjoy.  She’ll be representing all of us as she introduces the concept of sorority house mother to British viewers.

“The interview process was great – I had a lot of fun getting to know Josephine and a few other members of the crew. The process took a bit longer than I thought it would – just about four months worth of pins and needles.  I haven’t met the girls from the different sororities who will be going with me, but they look adorable!  The show will be called “Sorority Girls” and the fictitious sorority will be Sigma Gamma (SG for Sorority Girls….:).  We will be covering everything from moving in, polish week, recruitment process, and finally initiation.  It will give the U.K. a pretty good idea of our American Greek System that they are so curious about.  The filming will take place in Leeds (near the University) where they have actually remodeled a house to look like a real sorority – including a sleeping porch!

I’m thrilled – and a bit nervous about the adventure (the riots going on there have me a bit concerned), but non-the-less I’m flattered and hope not to embarrass myself too much over there. I’m happy to keep you updated on the experience – along with some photos to share with your readers.  Wish me luck!!! “

Deb, we sorority — and fraternity — moms have your back! Best wishes from the hundreds of us working across the US to provide a home-away-from-home supporting young people in their college experience.

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