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Posting Your Resumes

Over the three years that I provided the old website, the most requested service from you ladies out there was for me to handle resumes and send them off to sororities.  I have more than enough to do as a House Director, and am not interested in running such a service. For a couple of years, I negotiated a great price with a professional resume service on your behalf to get your resumes written. But they eventually got too busy to handle those when they were able to command far higher fees for their services.

However, to assist you to get together with sororities who have openings, I am trying an experiment here. I’ve had a resume board built  for you to upload your resumes online. The sororities can browse through them. We’ve also been working out the technology for you to be able to send your resume directly to sororities with job openings. There are still a few glitchy tech bugs popping up here and there. It’s been a long process!

For the moment, the resume board is still free while we’re in this phase. However, the free posting has a limited shelf-life. It will expire — you then have the option to re-enter the information, or pay a nominal fee to keep it posted until you take it down when hired or it expires at the end of the hiring season on September 1, 2011. Mostly, I want this beneficial service to run independent of me!

Some of the sororities do not want to be contacted directly, and are not posting phone or email information. You are invited to submit your resume online only to them. Please respect this and do not look up their websites to contact them independently. This will not make you look professional. For those sororities who do post that personal information, you are welcome to use it. Do follow their directions and give them just what they are asking for in their job ad. Remember, other women are also applying and you do not want to stand out in the wrong way.

One last piece of advice: as I read through the resumes, one bad habit is prevalent and that is putting every job you’ve ever had on it. The resume needs to be geared specifically for this job. Don’t expect the sorority board to sort through a dense resume to see if you’ve got experience peritnent to their needs. In the job posting, they’ve posted exactly what they want. Deliver that!

On the website, I’ve posted tips for writing your resume and cover letter. They work. Please read them. Then read your resume. Please check your spelling and grammar. If you don’t look professional on the page, the chances of the sorority board seeing you as the professional running their multi-million dollar operation in an educational setting will be slim. This is your first opportunity to look like you belong in that world. Your goal with the resume is to get invited to the next steps of the process — a phone interview which leads to an in-person interview.

3 Comments to “Posting Your Resumes”

  1. Mona

    I hope you received my resume, and cover letter. I was hopeful that maybe you could post since I am unable to from this computer and our server. Please let me know.

    Thank you so much,

    jan Vicain

    • Jan,
      Your resume was posted 24 days ago on March 31. I’m not sure when you wrote this comment. Hopefully you saw your resume in the meantime.

      My best,


  2. I am not sure if my resume was accepted on your website. How can I know if you received it?

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