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New secure website is functioning — I hope!

Dear loyal readers,

I have heard from over 150 of you over the past few months — where is our beloved First, I must say that I was very gratified to have so many express their concerns, and it let me know this website has been of value to you. I really didn’t know if anyone was visiting the site. It made me happy to find out that you were because you took the time to write to me! Developing and maintaining the website has been a labor of love to help out my fellow women in our particular age bracket who are looking for a job in this dismal economy.

So let me tell you what’s developed and where we’re going from here.

Although the price of the Sorority Mom ebooks has never increased, sales had slumped last year. They paid for the financial cost of maintaining the website, which was several hundred dollars a year. The job postings, and access to them, had always been free. So, when it came time to renew the expensive website hosting fee, I decided to move. Little did I know how much trouble that would cause me!

While that initial host may have been expensive, it was designed to be easy to use. I had been able to manage it with the occasional help of tech savvy younger folks for three years. Moving to a cheaper host, turned out not to be cheaper! I didn’t understand the technology, hired a web designer, and he got into building all the individual new facets I had wanted on the old site but couldn’t. And then he became very ill and was out of commission for a couple of months. After a long recuperation, he just returned to the job this week. Yay!

One thing I had felt was important to have was a protective wall to make the site more private and only accessible to real job seekers. I wanted the sororities to be protected from spam and pranksters since they were making their information public. So now you must register to look at the job postings. You’re still free to contact the sororities, but there’s at least a minimal screening process so that only the real women who want to be here will see them.

The second thing I had built was a resume center for you. This is an experiment! It’s been highly requested, so we’ll give it a try. This was the other reason to build the security wall. I don’t want your personal information out there either. Sororities will be free to look at your resume and contact you if interested. There is a minimal fee for this, as users will help cover the cost of this exclusive service. I can’t guarantee the personal results, but if it leads to one woman getting a job, then all this effort will have been worth it. However, I won’t be reviewing your resume for its accuracy, so please read the Resume Ttips I’ve posted under “Info.”

The last thing I wanted on this new site is actually the most  important to me – an automated system. For the last three years I have personally entered every single job posting. This was done late at night after my House Director duties were finished for the day. And then I had to remove them later. I wanted to get out of that business and let those posting their jobs manage it. So hopefully that will go well, and those with the jobs and those wanting the jobs can still find each other here.

Welcome to the new, dear readers, our private little corner of the internet!



2 Comments to “New secure website is functioning — I hope!”

  1. Thank you so much for your web site I was able to secure a job in the past. I had to take care of my elderly mom and had to retire for a while. I am ready again for a job, but unfortunately I am not able to find the job postings. Need your help!

    • Helga,
      I’m sure by now that you’ve figured out you have to register on the site to get access to the sorority’s private information. We needed to protect them from spammers and casual browsers.


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