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Sorority Meals Menu

This very helpful book has a comically long title for a reason. It’s an inside joke among House Directors, and after you read it, you’ll see why it’s officially named “How to Feed a Sorority House Without Sprouting Feathers (by not relying too much on chicken):A School Year’s Worth of Sorority Menus.”

Want to eat well this year?

Part of the appeal of sorority life is having communal meals centered around freshly-prepared food. This book was written in direct response to the many comments and complaints House Directors field about the food and cooks in their houses. Food has a big impact on morale. Preparing nutritious menus that a diverse group of young women in this age group like can be very challenging for cooks. That’s why we’re giving you our tried and true choices.

Please realize that this is not a recipe book. Your kitchen should be stocked with plenty of cookbooks designed for cooking for crowds.

This is a menu guide for the entire year, full of food choices that work. It’s something you can share with your cook to help her/him out. Or use it yourself if you’re responsible for planning the menus. Believe us when we say that this gets to be a huge chore week after week. Save yourself time and aggravation. Make planning and ordering easy, and delicious.

Included in this book are lots of food service tips. And you’ll find practical advice for working with each member of the kitchen staff, and a description of their duties.

You need to know all of this whether you’re a new House Director, or gaining your on-the-job experience. Dealing with food service in one way or another is a big part of your job!

83 pages

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