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National Directory of Sororities

Do you know the name of at least one sorority or where to find it? Could you name two? How about dozens? Can you tell which Greek name is a sorority and which is a fraternity? You need to know this vital information if you’re going to apply to a sorority. Can you hunt it up on the internet?

Well, there’s no need to go on a wild goose chase. We give them all to you on a silver platter.

That’s right, this is my Rolodex of names and contact information for the traditional national sororities that hire House Directors.

This directory lists the contact information for each national sorority headquarters, with up-to-date direct links to their websites. You can send your resume to them directly. Very, very seldom are openings advertised in the customary manner we’re familiar with, like local want ads. But the nationals often know where openings are in their chapters around the country. I once got a job using this route, and so have others. That’s why I know it works!

This is such helpful, valuable information for you. Save months of research, and download it instantly. And get it for less than the cost of a haircut, or a visit to the nail salon!

39 pages

Yours for just $25.00

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