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Directory of College Campuses

Do you know which campuses have sorority houses that hire House Directors?

Why do you need to know this? Well, there are thousands of colleges in every city and hamlet of the country. About 800 have some kind of Greek organization. But that doesn’t mean they have sorority houses. Some campuses don’t allow them. Others have such small houses that they don’t need a House Director, as the girls take care of running the place themselves.

Save yourself the effort of calling hundreds of campuses hunting for those with Greek affiliations, or culling through the hundreds that don’t. Why waste your time?

This Directory gives you the names and contact information of the campuses that hire House Directors. It’s a different personal Rolodex from the individual sororities. If you’re interested in a specific location or region, this will save you months of research effort.

Why might this matter to you?

Early in my House Director career, I was excited about being able to live anywhere in the country. I once cherished a daydream that I’d like to live at Harvard. I figured it would be a perfect way to see the Boston area. Besides, I thought I’d even take a class or two for the heck of it. Imagine my surprise to discover they didn’t have sorority houses there! Dream over! If I’d had a directory, I could have instantly checked this out. I’d just assumed that every college had sororities, especially the major ones. Not so!

Perhaps you want to live near grandchildren. Use this directory to find the nearest campus. Take the guesswork out of the search. You may find a small campus you’ve never heard of that perfectly fits your needs. The directory is organized by state and cross-referenced alphabetically.

This directory is an excellent tool for finding jobs by working through the Greek offices located on 112 campuses (the ones I know that have sorority House Directors). It provides another avenue for submitting your resume. I’ve found a job using this method, as have others. That’s how I’ve collected this invaluable information over the years. Now I’m sharing it for the first time.

Remember friends, you only need one job. If you multiply the number of housed sororities at 112 campuses, there’s bound to be an opening that’s perfect for you!

Although you’ll have direct links to these universities, sometimes contact information changes. We’ll send out updates if campuses decide to allow sororities to have separate houses who never had them, or take them away, as we hear of them via the grapevine. It’s a huge job keeping track of them. Rules and administrative decisions change from year to year that affects the Greeks’ relationship with each individual campus.

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