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If you have never heard of this job before, do you want to waste precious time trying to figure out how to get the job, keep the job, and be successful in the job?

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We are women helping other women succeed as House Directors. We know exactly what you want, and need.

That’s why you need these four books, which taken together, cover every aspect of the job!

I’m Mona O. Meyers, a veteran sorority House Director. But you don’t just get my experience! You get the collective wisdom and experiences from other women who’ve enjoyed this hidden career for independent-minded, mature, single women.

You’ll find it all in our books, and in the helpful information on this website.

It’s all here waiting for you.

Affordable Books — Instant Access!

It’s important to get your hands on books that can help you decide if this is a career that you want to pursue — or run from! All kidding aside, that really is the purpose.

Obviously, you’re looking for a job suited for a single woman who’s got a certain amount of adventure and independence in her ageless soul.

I decided to offer these as ebooks because that’s what’s happening on the internet now! I’ve had to get used to getting information that way. I admit, it’s been an adjustment. I’m sure I’m older than the vast majority of our readers… so I can attest that it’s slowly possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

While I am still a voracious reader of traditional books, and love browsing through a real-life bookstore, it’s not the best place to sell all types of books.

There was a lot of discussion around here about pricing these ebooks. Pricing for unique information that saves the reader tons of research time hovers between $39 – $99 on the internet. I know, because I’ve bought several ebooks in that range.

But I was getting my nails done one day, and paid $30.00. (I realize some of you pay less, and some of you pay more.) But that got me thinking. I routinely get my nails done, which is not a one-time expense, much as I wish they were. In my moment of inspiration, I decided the books would be priced less than my manicure/pedicure combo.

Let’s just make it easy for all of us. Each ebook is priced at $25.00, and the year-long menu guide is $15.00.

So, take your pick! In fact read on, I’ll make you an even better offer…

It’s not only all the information I wish I had starting out, but a terrific offer to get you started!

Yes, an offer that’s hard to turn down.

Buy three ebooks at once and get the fourth as a free bonus — all for less than the price of the ebooks individually! That’s how much we think you need this information and how we’re making it possible for you to have it all.

Check out the description of each ebook below. You’ll see how it covers a specific facet of working in this career. And each represents decades spent collecting the material.

Even if you’re a whiz at researching on the computer, you’d spend untold hours trying to ferret out a fraction of what’s included. Frankly, a lot of it hasn’t existed in written format — until now.

Take advantage of this fantastic offer! It’s designed to get you moving in the right direction! And it’s a thank you for helping us spread the word about this exciting career.

We want the job to go well for you, and the technology to work, too!

So, take the fourth ebook as our gift. All for the unbelievably low price of $65.00! Download Now


“Without a doubt this book is a must if you are exploring a career as a sorority mom. The author gives you clear and succinct insider secrets that will pave the way for success as a newcomer to this business.

As someone who had never heard of this career path before, after reading this book I would most definitely know what to do!”

Sendra D., Texas


“I have been a sorority advisor for many years. This is an excellent book to give our house directors. I highly recommend it. I think the menu planner should be in every sorority kitchen.”

Lori L., Virginia


“I’m a baby boomer with a mom at retirement age. She still wants to work. This is a great idea for her to look at. The book gives good advice. Having the other books that give help to find the jobs is really great.”

Kent W., Washington

Book #1

“The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide”

This is the ultimate, basic, complete and thorough guide to finding your dream job and keeping it!

If you’re not sure whether or not this job is for you, then this is the one book you need to read for sure. It will be money very well spent if it keeps you from taking a job that you aren’t suited for. You’ll get a real sense of this field. So, if you gravitate towards the job after reading the book, or decide it’s not for you, you can’t lose! You’re actually ahead either way.

Making a career change is a big step. Make this book part of your job research!

For the thousands and thousands of women who have chosen this career for the past hundred years or so, it was a very good choice. “The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide” can help you decide for yourself. The rest of us learned by trial and error. But you don’t have to!

116 pages

Yours for just $25.00

Order the “Survival Guide” here: Download Now

Of course, I have a lot more to say about this book, since this is the original. It takes up a whole page. Click here to get the inside scoop!

Book #2  Updated 2020!

“The National Directory of Sorority Organizations”

Do you know the name of at least one sorority or where to find it? Could you name two? How about dozens? Can you tell which Greek name is a sorority and which is a fraternity? You need to know this vital information if you’re going to apply to a sorority. Can you hunt it up on the internet?

Well, there’s no need to go on a wild goose chase. We give them all to you on a silver platter.

That’s right, this is my Rolodex of names and contact information for the traditional national sororities that hire House Directors.

This directory lists the contact information for each national sorority headquarters, with up-to-date direct links to their websites. You can send your resume to them directly. Very, very seldom are openings advertised in the customary manner we’re familiar with, like local want ads. But the nationals often know where openings are in their chapters around the country. I once got a job using this route, and so have others. That’s why I know it works!

This is such helpful, valuable information for you. Save months of research, and download it instantly. And get it for less than the cost of a haircut, or a visit to the nail salon!

39 pages

Yours for just $25.00

Order “Sorority Directory” here: Download Now

Book #3

“A School Year’s Worth of Sorority Menus”

This very helpful book has a comically long title for a reason. It’s an inside joke among House Directors, and after you read it, you’ll see why it’s officially named “How to Feed a Sorority House Without Sprouting Feathers (by not relying too much on chicken):A School Year’s Worth of Sorority Menus.”

Want to eat well this year?

Part of the appeal of sorority life is having communal meals centered around freshly-prepared food. This book was written in direct response to the many comments and complaints House Directors field about the food and cooks in their houses. Food has a big impact on morale. Preparing nutritious menus that a diverse group of young women in this age group like can be very challenging for cooks. That’s why we’re giving you our tried and true choices.

Please realize that this is not a recipe book. Your kitchen should be stocked with plenty of cookbooks designed for cooking for crowds.

This is a menu guide for the entire year, full of food choices that work. It’s something you can share with your cook to help her/him out. Or use it yourself if you’re responsible for planning the menus. Believe us when we say that this gets to be a huge chore week after week. Save yourself time and aggravation. Make planning and ordering easy, and delicious.

Included in this book are lots of food service tips. And you’ll find practical advice for working with each member of the kitchen staff, and a description of their duties.

You need to know all of this whether you’re a new House Director, or gaining your on-the-job experience. Dealing with food service in one way or another is a big part of your job!

83 pages

Yours for just $15.00

Order “A Year’s Menu for a Sorority” here: Download Now

“The menu book has loads of useful tips and some excellent menu ideas which I will be sharing with our two chefs.”

S.S., N.C.

Book #4 Updated 2020!

“Directory of College Campuses With Sorority House Directors”

Do you know which campuses have sorority houses that hire House Directors?

Why do you need to know this? Well, there are thousands of colleges in every city and hamlet of the country. About 800 have some kind of Greek organization. But that doesn’t mean they have sorority houses. Some campuses don’t allow them. Others have such small houses that they don’t need a House Director, as the girls take care of running the place themselves.

Save yourself the effort of calling hundreds of campuses hunting for those with Greek affiliations, or culling through the hundreds that don’t. Why waste your time?

This Directory gives you the names and contact information of the campuses that hire House Directors. It’s a different personal Rolodex from the individual sororities. If you’re interested in a specific location or region, this will save you months of research effort.

Why might this matter to you?

Early in my House Director career, I was excited about being able to live anywhere in the country. I once cherished a daydream that I’d like to live at Harvard. I figured it would be a perfect way to see the Boston area. Besides, I thought I’d even take a class or two for the heck of it. Imagine my surprise to discover they didn’t have sorority houses there! Dream over! If I’d had a directory, I could have instantly checked this out. I’d just assumed that every college had sororities, especially the major ones. Not so!

Perhaps you want to live near grandchildren. Use this directory to find the nearest campus. Take the guesswork out of the search. You may find a small campus you’ve never heard of that perfectly fits your needs. The directory is organized by state, and cross-referenced alphabetically.

This directory is an excellent tool for finding jobs by working through the Greek offices located on 112 campuses (the ones I know that have sorority House Directors). It provides another avenue for submitting your resume. I’ve found a job using this method, as have others. That’s how I’ve collected this invaluable information over the years. Now I’m sharing it for the first time.

Remember friends, you only need one job. If you multiply the number of housed sororities at 112 campuses, there’s bound to be an opening that’s perfect for you!

Although you’ll have direct links to these universities, sometimes contact information changes. We’ll send out updates if campuses decide to allow sororities to have separate houses who never had them, or take them away, as we hear of them via the grapevine. It’s a huge job keeping track of them. Rules and administrative decisions change from year to year that affect the Greeks’ relationship with each individual campus.

30 pages

Yours for just $25.00

Order “College Campus Directory” here: Download Now

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This is Sorority Mom’s disclaimer. Once you have this information that you can’t get anywhere else, you’ve got the gold mine. The prices are low so can feel confident making your purchase. You get more than a trip to the nail salon, that’s for sure!

It is for your personal use only. You paid for it! Of course you may download copies for yourself. But the books may not be reproduced to be given or sent to others, or returned. Please honor the copyright laws and the amount of work that has gone into compiling this material to benefit your personal job search.

Purchasing an ebook helps pay the cost of maintaining this website — which is solely devoted to you! Women looking for jobs may post their resumes for free. Buying an ebook and learning about this business benefits you twice because you keep this website up and running in order for sororities to have a place to post their jobs!

Thank you, and may your search — and career as a Sorority House Director — be successful and fun!
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Mona O. Meyers

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