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Red Hat Sorority

For ladies of a certain age, belonging to the Red Hat Society is a fun “sorority” of our own. You might like to have some gear just for the fun of it to show you belong.

The Bathroom Scale Reinvented

Maintaining our weight is a “big” issue for a number of us House Directors — especially since we have cooks and 24 hour accessible food. Becoming a House Director definitely expanded my pant size.

This is a new concept of that dreaded scale from that bouncing ball of energy, Mary Lou Retton of 1984 Olympic fame.

See Mary Lou’s Weight

The Most Cuddly Blanket Ever

This is the greatest cozy invention — especially in big drafty sorority houses. The girls love them. You can even suggest to the boyfriends that these make very welcome gifts. I love to be bundled up reading a book or watching TV in the evening.