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Got a burning question about life as a sorority House Director?

Hi Friends,

I write about the comings and goings of being a sorority House Director in my books and on my blog. But sometimes you have a particular question that might be of interest to everybody visiting this site.

You are invited to submit your questions on the form below. I will post answers on my blog when they are relevant or helpful… or the same questions repeatedly come up.

For instance, many current House Directors write in comments about their cooks. In fact, that’s the #1 issue Sorority Mom receives correspondence about! As a direct result, I put together the food service book, “How to Feed A Sorority House Without Sprouting Feathers.” It not only offers suggestions for dealing with the most common problems, but provides a school year’s worth of menus. Those are in response to the #2 complaint: boring cooking!

What would be even more helpful to everyone is if you go a step further and post solutions to your biggest dilemmas. If you’ve dealt with an issue, chances are another House Director somewhere in the country is challenged by the same thing!

My goal is to make this site interactive so you can communicate directly, but learning that technology is a bit beyond my scope at the present time. I’ve been taking baby steps. All good things in time! For now, let’s try out this method.

Let’s get acquainted!


What’s your question or comment about being a House Director?

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