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About Staff Positions

Staff Positions at Sorority and Fraternity Houses

Occasionally, a house will post a staff job here on Typically, these positions are advertised and filled locally — there aren’t national searches as for the House Director jobs.

But perhaps you don’t want to be a House Director, but would still like to work in the college setting. Then you might consider this option. You still have the summer and school holidays off. Some of the older mansions were even designed with a separate apartment for the cook!

Depending where you live in the country, you could get a cook’s job at a sorority with very little experience. In some areas, particularly at universities isolated in rural locations, a good cook is very hard to come by. If you have a wonderful attitude, have been a fine cook for your family, and can handle ordering, this may be a job you’d enjoy. It’s a job for women or men.

The cook is a very important position in a sorority house because you have a direct impact on morale. When the food’s good and the cook is easy to get along with, everybody’s happy. When the food’s awful, or the cook is temperamental, the tension makes everybody cranky. Just being a pleasant, competent individual will go a long ways toward job security as a sorority cook!