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House Director Duties

What’s It Like Being A Sorority House Director?

When people first find out what I do for a living, often the first response is, “huh?” Since it’s a hidden career, most folks don’t know what a Sorority House Director does. So, it’s quite natural to wonder why you should consider this job.

Before I became a house mother, I had a lot of misconceptions about this job. Maybe you do, too. Let me clear up the major one right off the bat.

The #1 misconception about what a House Director does:

You’re in charge of the girls; OR

You have to discipline girls

If this were boarding school for high schoolers, yes. But this is college; these are young adults on their own. They are 18 and older, and you can’t invade their privacy any more than their parents can (a huge shocker to parents when they bump up against university rules for the first time). While you do live together under the same big roof, the girls handle their own issues. You are freed from that responsibility.

Actually, it’s quite a relief that you don’t have to act as their parent, landlord, boss, or counselor!

How you can tell if you’d be good at this job

You like older adolescents.

You are comfortable living in an all-female world.

Take this self-assessment to see if you’re a good fit for this job

The Top 10 Reasons Single, Mature Women Should Consider Being a Sorority House Director

  1. You want a job where being older is an advantage, not a liability.
  2. You don’t have adult children to live with OR you have adult children but don’t want to live with them, or they don’t want you to live with them.
  3. You like earning a salary, and having a cook, maid, and gardener, but not paying for rent, or a mortgage, property tax, or saving up for a new roof.
  4. You’ve day-dreamed about being the manager of a small hotel.
  5. You’re adventurous and want to try living in different parts of the US or Canada.
  6. You enjoy the cultural activities that a university provides.
  7. You get a kick out of living among the age group that is in transition from late adolescence to young adult.
  8. You’ve always wondered what life is like behind the façade and stereotype of a sorority house.
  9. You are calm in the midst of high drama (well, it is a women’s world from top to bottom)!
  10. You value your independence, freedom, and security.

The reality of what a House Director does

The job title says it all: you’re the mother of the “HOUSE”; not the “MOTHER” of the house; some sororities have changed the title to House Director, as that is a more apt description of your job duties. You’re caring for everything related to the house itself.

Basically, you’re the manager of a small hotel. You’re not managing the girls, but taking care of their environment.

You do need lots of “mom” qualities – such as warmth, and interest in older teens/young adults.

You can do this job if you’ve done any of the following:

  • You’ve ever had to live on a budget… or manage a budget
  • Raised girls
  • Find college-age kids amusing
  • Don’t mind a lot of noise – even late at night (such as your school’s team won a big game)
  • Are handy with a toilet plunger
  • Planned meals
  • Paid your bills on time
  • Dealt with staff
  • Made a payroll
  • Arranged for workers to come to your home to make repairs
  • Realize that climbing several flights of stairs a day is great for your thighs
  • Lived in an old house with aging infrastructure – then you’re especially qualified!

The job skills you’ll use daily as a House Director:

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the house
  • Maintain a clean, safe living environment
  • Supervise staff, contractors, vendors, gardeners, and maintenance
  • Manage the budget, which includes food service, repairs, household supplies, and contractor bids
  • Provide support for the sorority members
  • Interact with alumni, parents, and advisors
  • Uphold the policies and standards of the chapter
  • Maintain the physical structure of the house
  • Oversee house-related renovations and repairs
  • Coordinate opening and closing of the house

What’s the fastest, easiest, smartest way to learn how to be a great Sorority House Director?

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You can see why I enjoy serving in this capacity. I’m sure it’s a perfect match for you, too.

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Mona O. Meyers

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