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About House Director Positions

Consider Being a Fraternity House Director

Although the goal at Sorority Mom is to help you find a House Director position in a sorority, some women have found a similar position at a fraternity. You might be surprised to discover that there are far more fraternities on a campus than sororities (I have no idea why this is), so you’d think the job opportunities would multiply. However, while fraternities do hire cooks, many don’t have a separate House Director. But there are some that do have a tradition of hiring House Directors on site.

You are welcome to post universities or specific fraternity chapters that hire House Directors. It hasn’t been in my experience, so I’m not familiar where all these jobs would specifically be located. But you might provide just the information that another woman needs!

Anyone who is interested in getting into this career might consider being a housemother at a fraternity. I’ve known a couple of women who enjoyed their work in the fraternity, and felt they were treated well as House Directors.

Fraternity House Director Jobs Available Now

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Campuses With Fraternity House Directors

Albion College, Michigan

Arizona State University

Butler University, Indiana

Iowa State University

Louisiana State University

Miami University Oxford, Ohio

Ohio State University

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma University, Norman

Penn State University

Purdue University

South Dakota State U (but no sorority House Directors)

University of Alabama

University of Arizona, Tucson

University of Dayton

University of Florida

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

University of Mississippi

University of Missouri, Columbia

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University of South Carolina

University of South Dakota

University of Southern California

Washington & Lee Virginia

Washington State University

Westminster College Fulton, Missouri

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