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House Director Job Postings

This is a free site to help you find a job as a House Director.

We know it can be frustrating — even futile — hunting through general employment sites looking for this type of job. Sorority Mom is providing the first national posting site. Representatives from university campuses, and sorority and fraternity houses are invited to post job openings on this page. The employment listings are removed at the end of each month with the assumption that they have been filled.

Sorority Mom assumes these are valid postings, and accepts no responsibility for their veracity. This service exists solely to bring interested parties together. If you find a position you’re interested in, please contact the listing yourself. Sorority Mom is not an employment or screening service.

Should you discover that a position has been filled, or there’s a broken link, please use the form at the bottom of the page to report it.

Best of luck in your job search!

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Sharon S., S.C.

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…because we received quite a few fantastic resumes and we are thrilled with the woman we have hired. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we began our search. Thank you so much for offering this site.


“I am happy to report that we have filled the position!’

We received a few really good candidates who saw the posting on your website and will definitely use you again in the future if we have a vacancy.


“We have filled our position. Thanks so much!! “

Hi Mona! We had several great candidates come through We will definitely use it in the future.


“Thanks so much for helping us find quality candidates!”

We have now filled the position of house director. Your service helped a lot!


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Your web site is wonderful. I am so happy to have found it. I look forward to referring others to it and using it again in the future.


“Thank you for making it possible for many women to learn more about a house director position…

…and for providing us with many from whom to choose. Your Web Site certainly created interest and brought us many telephone calls, faxes and emailed resumes and references. The interest displayed was phenomenal and we have hired a lovely woman for this position. We are very pleased with our choice!”


“Thank you so much…

…for letting us post on your site. Several qualified applicants contacted us. I am happy to report we selected one of the applicants who responded to our posting!”


“Thank you for listing our opening on your website.

After a long search and several applicants, we have found the perfect person to fill our position. All thanks to your website. We hope she is with us for a long time.”T.A.

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