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A Quiet Weekend Without Website Tech Problems Nagging Me!

Hard to believe, but at some colleges and universities school is out in a couple of weeks, or at least by the end of May! The school year has flown by. It’s surprising what a quiet weekend it was here. I think the young women went home to regroup for the final push. Graduating seniors have a lot on their minds, as they will soon be pushed out of this nest to fly away from college life. And I did not have an inbox filled with your tech woes regarding the website!!! I actually got to enjoy my Easter weekend and have time to write this instead of answering email about the tech problems.

The website problems seem to be getting smoothed out slowly — or more of you are figuring out how to use it without getting me involved. That’s the point! I don’t have the tech know-how. I just wanted to create a meeting spot in the middle of the internet universe where job-seeker and job-supplier match up, without me having to be the personal matchmaker! I hope it’s working out well for you all. Please let me know if you actually get hired for a job from the site as a house director. Sororities and fraternities — are you browsing the posted resumes? Are you contacting anyone based on their resume? Hiring them?

Inquirying minds — this one anyway — want to know. This has been a labor of love since last September — quite frustrating at times. If it does the job and gets you together, than I’ll count it a success.


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