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Are you about to reenter the job market, or are you wanting to switch careers? Are you concerned about your skills? Have you retired, but want to stay active and earn income? Do you love your independence? Then you've come to the site that will support you!

Mona MeyersYou see, I found the ideal career for the woman over 40 when I needed it the most. It certainly has blessed me, and now I want to pass my knowledge on to other women. We've got to stick together, right? Like me, consider becoming a sorority housemother, a SORORITY MOM.

Yes, even if you've never heard of this job before, or think you're not qualified because you were never in a sorority yourself. Have I peaked your interest? Good!

Here at SORORITY MOM.COM you will find the information and support you need to help you move into this hidden career. I've invited sororities -- and fraternities -- to post their job openings. These are FREE to access! Just look at the menu bar to the right and you'll see four different links to jobs: current job listings at sororities or fraternities, older listings still available, and even staff jobs.

This is the ONLY national site where you can view these types of jobs. It takes a lot of work to maintain this information, but I do it because I wished there had been something like this when I wanted to get into this career. Otherwise, you'd have to be relying on word-of-mouth like we all did for decades.

Over the years, I've kept notes in reams of spiral notebooks, just like the college girls I work with. I'm happy to share what I've learned with you. As I read through my notebooks, I can't believe what an adventure being a sorority House Director has been. Welcome to my website, and a potential new career for you!

A happy Sorority Mom,

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