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WELCOME BACK to a New School Year!

Well ladies, I’m back. It has been such a rocky experience trying to rescue the website and get it back to what it was before all the damage. It’s still not the smooth-running independent DIY site it was before the hacks, but at least I’ve been able to get your posts up for you when you can’t! So, many jobs have continued to be found through Sorority , and you’re back to doing what you enjoy.

How are you all? As you get back into the swing of the school year, I’ve been reflecting on the new generation of you House Moms who have been taking over from us old timers. You’ve had careers in a wide variety of fields; you’ve certainly got more tech savvy. I think about the years of keeping a ledger with my trusty pencil and eraser. And writing payroll by hand! My hat’s off to you as you transform this career by your energy and experience.

My best to each of you!

Have a wonderful school year,



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