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Website Woes!

Hi friends,

Some of you have reported trouble loading your posts — especially since 11/13. I’ve hired some professional  tech  help to ferret out the problem. As yet, we aren’t sure what the problem is. There are many linked components that make function as a DIY site. I know when WordPress and Windows 8 update, this causes some older systems and software to have connectivity issues as they are no longer supported. Within the website, there are other tools and plugins made by different companies.

Thank you for your patience. The website has been relatively bug-free for over eight years. That’s a great track record! The original webmaster is no longer around. So my new tech guy is deciphering the thinking of someone else.

In the meantime, don’t struggle over any problems. If you encounter an issue uploading a form, send your info on to me. I’ll get it up for you.




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