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Website to Be Overhauled Over Vacation

Happy holidays to all!

It has taken some time, but my new tech guy has ferreted out the problems.  And it will take some rebuilding to go forward without the problems we began experiencing in November. Up to that point, it had been an amazingly long run since 2006! will be down sometime during the holiday period. But my wonderful tech sleuth is sure things will be up and running smoothly by the first week of January. First he has to go off for his vacation as well as me, too! So, don’t fret if we’re dark for a bit. Because I expect to be more streamlined and easier to use — for us all. After all, this has always been designed as a Do-It-Yourself site where you all get together among yourselves. As I remind many a prospect, I don’t get involved in the hiring process. I just provide this service for you because I love you — and the career.

As all of you know who wrote in about problems, I am not techie! I’m just grateful I found someone good who is!

Enjoy your break! Then we’ll begin the job hunting in earnest in January 2015.


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