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The Girls Are Back – Where Did The Year Go?

I have turned into a terrible correspondent this year. It’s embarrassing. But it made me realize that it sure was busier. A full house, which is amazing in a recession. But I dealt with several staff mid-year replacements. That’s been unusual, as we’ve been pretty stable for awhile.

All you House Moms out there know what I mean. Depending where you live, it can be quite a challenge finding the right staff at odd times of the year. Hiring right now is so much easier, because people are tuned into the rhythm of sorority life. But after awhile, they all get snapped up. So, here’s hoping everyone you hire is great and makes it through the year!

Can’t promise I’ll be a better writer this semester. I’ve corresponded with a number of you out there who’ve had questions about your job, or getting hired yourself. A lot of you have written about finding a job through the listings. I’ve also heard from so many sororities who have hired you readers. The site has really elevated the quality of applicants.

A big thank you to those who have purchased my ebooks. That’s the only revenue that pays for all the upkeep of this website, which is pretty expensive. I plow it all back in, but often have to make up the difference from my pocket many months. Sales were down quite a bit this summer. So I don’t know what that means exactly. I’ve been trying to keep it all the job openings freely available for over three years now. We’ll see what this year brings!

2 Comments to “The Girls Are Back – Where Did The Year Go?”

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for your website, I know it must be lots of work. I am not a house director, but do have friends that are. My sis is one here in Norman OK at OU. I plan on trying this year so I will keep watching your site for an opening. It seems here if you don’t get your name in the pot a position will pass you by before you know it.
    I do work fulltime, and work with a decorator that is older and knows usually when there is an opening, so she is keeping me posted. It is amazing how much the salaries do vary here even in the same area depending on which sorority it is.
    I went through the entire process at the beginning of the school and was sent a contract, but for the duties they wanted the salary was very low. I started to take it, but my friend who is a HD told me she thought I shouldn’t, cause it would take years, for that particular one to get to the going rate I did call the Panhellanic and got the going rate here, which is around 25,000 up. I started to take the position for the experience and must admit I do have mixed feelings, but I have been told here it doesn’t seem to matter if you have experience or not. I think a lot of it is who you know and how well you do on the personal interview. I did get the feel of the entire process, it was helpful. Who knows, but I am 59 and need to work for a couple of years more. I want to keep my home here, at least for a couple of years and make sure I do like it. My family is all here in Okla, and I have three grown children here so I think it would be a great job for me. I love to stay busy and am very good with people, no health issues so I am hopeful this year I will get one. I have been listening a lot to all things going on, since I work in the service business I am very familiar with service calls and repairs. We have several HD here that are in their late 70’s. It is amazing now that almost all of the sororities have catering services. Oh well just wanted to touch base with you and to let you know I do appreciate your work. thanks again, Rose

    • I am a House Director at Oklahoma State and do know of several openings on this campus. We have not seen a slow down of girls coming through Recruitment, in fact, we had one of the largest attendance this past Fall. I have loved my job since starting in the Fall of 2009. It is rewarding, fulfilling and fun. If I had only known about this business 5 years ago! I do feel experience is important but the main thing is the interview and word of mouth. I feel the salaries in the mid-west are lower than in other parts of the country and that would be my only reasons to seek work elsewhere. Mona’s posts and blog and her email book have all been invaluable and I try to watch for any new news in her postings. Jeannie