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The 2017 Hiring Season Winds Down — 11 Years of Helping You Find Sorority Jobs!

Dear Readers,

I hope you are settling into new jobs now. As the last of the universities get started for their new school year, we expect our Sorority Mom activity to slow down for the fall. We used to go completely “dark,” but for the past couple of years there have been a few sororities needing emergency placements. So if you are looking for a position, you may want to stop by here every now and then. We expect to see sorority openings begin again in February as House Directors start to accept new positions for next year, or retire. It’s rather like dominoes.

Since February 2017, this year 86 sorority jobs were posted on Sorority Mom. You sent out 360 applications from the website — which has remained free to use for 11 years! 63 of you posted your resumes online this year!

I wish you all a happy, productive job for the next nine months! And see you again in 2018.



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