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Summer Vacation

School’s Out, the House is Clean, and it’s Summer Vacation!

It was an unusually busy end-of-the-year routine this June. But thankfully, most staff will be returning — most importantly, our cook. I’ve certainly had my share of difficult ones, and those whom I’ve had to “move on.” So, now that I’ve enjoyed a good one, I am very eager to have her stay! I hope that’s true of more and more of you House Director’s out there.

Our issue this year was getting some of the young ladies to go home! They wanted to spend part of the summer in the House. It does seem reasonable; after all, they’ve paid their rent all year, and this is “their” house.

But that’s not how it works, and it’s hard to explain. It looks to the women like having a big empty house for three months is a terrible waste. But really, our insurance doesn’t cover them in the summer. And they don’t pay anything towards the house over the summer. And believe me, if you let one student stay even a day or two, they’ll multiply! More kids will slip in without you knowing it. And you don’t have staff cleaning up after them. You’ll be the maid!

For the House Directors heading to Niagara Falls for the conference, enjoy the sites! For those of you heading off to visit grandkids, love ’em up! For those who are taking a loooooooonnnnnng and well-deserved rest, enjoy your snooze. I’ll be on the road for a month, so please don’t expect me to answer your emails very often. I’ll be unplugged!


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