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SororityMom site maintenance

If you are browsing the website looking for jobs right now, typically this isn’t the season! By mid September, colleges and universities are in session and the House Director jobs are filled. In the past two years there were some emergencies placements that opened up in October, but that’s unusual.

So early fall is the best time of the year to get a tune-up for the website. This year we’re going to have some major work done, which means parts of the site may be down while the tech overhaul takes place. The goal is always to deal with the pesky problems that have cropped up but we didn’t want to take a chance and interrupt service to you. Thanks to those of you who did some troubleshooting with us when you ran into hiccups. With so many different working parts, servers, and hosts that make up the SororityMom website, even one update in one area can throw the balance out of whack — which is what has happened. Also, building in more security is a constant goal to protect everyone’s privacy. Keeping this site useful for you is the only goal!

If this is a typical year out of the decade of providing this service, then job postings for next year should begin appearing in January.

Have a happy year, House Directors and sororities — and you fraternities that have House Moms, too.


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