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SororityMom is back online!

Hello dear Readers!!

It has been another challenging time with tech issues. Thanks to many of you who have written in, wondering what’s happened. Apparently, I’m not the only one getting a bunch of Russian “visitors!” For now, some parts of the website are back up and running. But not everything is functioning fully — some of the interactive forms may still give you problems. If so, send me an email. I can post sorority jobs from my end, but not resumes! Crazy. Frustrating. But let’s get those jobs up while we can, so you can hire and be hired. That’s the only thing we’ve ever been about for 10 years now!

I had to think long and hard that maybe it was just time to give up and not spend the money to right the old website one more time after our third major incident and a few months spent trying to fix it.

But here I am starting the New Year online once again. Here’s to a successful 11th year helping “House Directors Succeed!”

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