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Sorority Girls TV Show

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you’ve returned to this new semester with renewed vim and vigor.

You may recall that one of our own House Moms, Deb Chapman from the University of Oregon, was chosen to star in a British tv reality show last fall. Five current sorority girls from different US universities were selected along with her. The series — appropriately titled “Sorority Girls” — has now aired in England. The last show was seen in December. Now it’s up on the web.

That is, if you can negotiate the internet challenges. I had managed to see the first episode. But it was challenging to make the connections, and stay connected. It was quite  choppy viewing. I’m sure it’s my computer, software, browser, security system, and general un-techiness, etc.

Now Deb has sent a link for you to try. I didn’t find it really easy to negotiate. But maybe you’ll do better than I.

You may have to click through several pages to reach the link. I’ve gotten there different ways, but it can be frustrating. There are several choices of hosts of the episodes. I used “Channel 14. ”

Anyway, you probably will be interested in the series if you can get it on your computer. I don’t know how this came off to British viewers. Or if it slyly pokes fun of the sorority system. But it does give girls considering pledging to a sorority insights into a world that they know nothing about. It’s  worth seeing, even if it is a stop-and-start viewing experience!

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