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Settling In

Settling In, Getting to Know You

It is always with a sigh of relief that sororities get past the intensity of Rush and the other activities that follow it. Fall means we all settle now into the rhythms of the school year.

For a lot of House Directors who hired new staff, it’s only now that you actually get a handle on the people in your employ. You find out those who aren’t getting along. You discover if the cook you were happy to hire in the summer can or cannot cook. The answer to the bigger question is whether the cook gets along with the girls and serves them.

Hopefully, personnel issues won’t consume too much of your time. But at least at this time of the year, you’re in the honeymoon phase. I spend a lot of time observing and solving issues behind the scenes. I’m certainly not interested in prompting any confrontations at this point.

It would be such a pleasure to go through the entire year without any staff problems. But then, I always expect a happy year! I guess it’s because I figured I solved all the problems last year.


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