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Reality Show Filming Week 3!

Well, we’re into week three of filming and you will all be amazed at some of the liberties they’ve taken with Sorority life – although it is T.V. after all! I think the Brits have the impression we are much wilder than we are :). We’re into the elimination process of the British girls – and I’ve gotten quite attached to them – so it’s a bit hard on me. We have been filming some of the scenes in the old Town Hall in Drewsbury (north of Leeds) – it’s a gorgeous old building built around 1886. They hold concerts and other events there as well as allowing us to film some of the shows scenes – I’ve attached a photo from the outside so you can see how amazing it is.


Most of my part has been filmed so I’m just doing bits and pieces right now. I was able to move to a new hotel in downtown Leeds yesterday – I don’t have to be near the University filming sight as much now. The new Hotel is actually a very old classic hotel called The Queens in downtown Leeds – and I’m within walking distance (good thing due to the amount of food I’ve been eating) to some of the towns interesting sights and venues. It’s gorgeous and I’m feeling quite pampered.

I had a wonderful nights rest until my phone rang at 4 a.m. notifying me that my car was here…..the car company mixed up the time. I actually don’t have a car coming until 4 p.m. today…you should have seen me scramble looking for the text message to make sure it didn’t say that my call time was 4 a.m.!
I am missing some of the things I take for granted in the States – including coffee refills – with real coffee, not instant or worse yet, Nescafe! What is that anyway…..? They don’t tip here in Britain for food service – 10% is automatically added to your bill. I wish I had known that earlier – it’s no wonder they think all Americans are wealthy and throw their money around – ha!

Until next time,

I forgot to mention that I had to make a blueberry pie (totally from scratch) in front of the camera with all the pledges watching the other day. WHAT A DISASTER….the recipe was in grams not cups, no pastry cloth – the dough stuck to the floured counter like crazy – no spatula to help ease it off – and the prop was a flan pan not a pie pan…. it was totally laughable! The food network will NOT be calling me anytime soon. Pretty certain I’ve never been so flustered or embarrassed in my life – and have never been so happy to have anything finished as well. The camera men are total genius’s if they can make that episode look good!

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