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I am on my well-deserved summer vacation, like most of you already. It’s been quite busy all year, and I sure haven’t blogged much. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a lively private correspondence with many of you using the SororityMom website. It seems like most of the tech bugs got smoothed out along the way for the new fire wall for protection. It’s been a trial, I’ll tell you! For all of us. There were plenty of emails on that particular topic.

Just like in summers gone by, I’ll be checking my email from time to time. On a long road trip I try to get onto hotel computers as best I can in the evenings. So I pray that you can figure out any website tech problems on your own — ha, ha. I’ll continue to answer your other questions, just expect a big lag time.

If  you haven’t found a job yet, I expect there will still be new postings added.  I recently heard about a newly hired director who hadn’t actually visited the house before accepting the position. When she arrived, she didn’t like what she saw I guess, because she quit then and there. It does happen.

For those of you entering the profession for the first time, I know you’re excited but have to wait all summer to jump in. Good luck!

Here’s to everyone finding and keeping your House Director position,


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