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Launching the School Year

For all you new House Directors out there, you’ve begun the year with a bang! Rush is exactly what the word sounds like — a big rush and intense whoosh for everybody. Okay, I confess, I’m very old school and started in this profession way back when the event was called “Rush.” I know the PC term now is “Recruitment,” which actually describes what the event is about. But, for House Directors and girls, Rush-ing around is what we do to start off the school year.

So once you’re past that, dear new House Director, you’ll be glad to know that life will now settle into the day-to-day activities associated with college life and being students. It’s busy, don’t get me wrong. And young people on their own for the first time will be dealing with a variety of issues. But knowing that, you’re just holding things together with a steady calmness and unfailing wisdom (don’t laugh!).

Thanks to all who have written in to say how much “The Sorority House Director’s Survival Guide” has helped them launch more fearlessly into the unknown. Glad to be of help! I know from personal experience how hard it can be going in clueless and having to learn on the job as you go.

As your year progresses, here’s a big FYI: food and cooks will play a major role in the morale of the entire house. So stay on top of kitchen issues.


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