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Ladies, We Are Back!!!!

Dear friends,

What began as an unbelievable ordeal on November 29, 2014 may finally be over! For the first time since early February I can actually log into my blog tonight. was hit by such a malicious attack that we actually ended up being dark for several weeks. The website was created and is maintained solely for women to find jobs. That anyone would attempt to destroy it makes no sense. We are a tiny niche in the vast internet universe doing good for others. There’s nothing to be gained by interrupting what we’ve been doing for eight years now.

I pray that all parts of the system will work well for you all, and we can get back to the business of making connections among women across the country in a field we enjoy.

Many thanks and much gratitude from all of us in SororityMom land goes to the technician who unravelled this mess and built the website back together!

Now may the hiring for the 2015-2016 school year begin! Happy job hunting and finding!






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