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Job Application Tip

I wanted to pass on some information that I learned from one of the sororities who had posted a job listing on the site. A lot of you readers are not clear about what the job of a House Director actually is. Apparently, this is evident from the cover letters and resumes that you’re sending out.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re not getting called for an interview, please read over all the helpful information I’ve posted here on Sorority Mom. You may have been a nurse or high school counselor or therapist in your former career, but that’s not the job you’re applying for now. Read over the job descriptions that the sororities and fraternities post and see what specific skills transfer over. It’s not a completely lateral move.

You won’t be working as a counselor or therapist helping the girls — that’s definitely one of the biggest misconceptions about the House Director job! It’s wonderful to have that background so you understand what’s going on with this age group since you live with them. But what they expect from you is that there’s good food to eat, the house is in good shape, and you stay out of their affairs!

1 Comment to “Job Application Tip”

  1. I love your website and refer to it frequently. This is my first year as a House
    Director and I think I finally know what the job description of a House Mom is: “be prepared”. I was at my first job barely a month when the housekeeper came pounding on my door at 7am to inform me the basement was flooding with hot water. Running downstairs, I realized a pipe on the boiler had burst and hot water was going everywhere. I could not reach the turnoff for the water so called 911 and had the fire department come to my aide. By 7:30am I had the fire department, water department and plumber in the house. Believe it or not most of the girls had no idea this scene had taken place. Lesson number one: learn where the turnoff valve is for the water system. Lesson number two: have a good robe to throw on in case of emergency!