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It’s Summer Vacation

House Directors everywhere are getting to sleep in late now that colleges are out!

I’ve taken a couple of days to balance my ledger to close up the fiscal year. Maintaining the books is an important part of the House Director’s job.

The bigger task facing houses up and down sorority row is the mess left behind. Yes, the young women clean up to a degree. But the housekeeping staff has plenty to do. In some locations, the townspeople know the sorority dumpsters are overflowing with bounty and come to check them out!

This is also the time to inventory the rooms for needed repairs and plan out the summer schedule for our handyman. The Board members will swing by to plan for any remodeling, redecorating, or major repairs. While the sorority members are off to enjoy the summer, back at the House we begin preparing for their return.

I love hearing from those of you finding jobs, and from Houses that have hired some of you reading the job postings on the site. I’m glad you’re all making the connection.

I’m so happy getting comments like this:

“The position at NM Alpha Pi Beta Phi has been filled — Thanks!!! You’re the best. We had quite a few responses.”


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