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I Have Been an AWOL Correspondent

Dear readers, I’m shocked to realize that I have been such an absent writer this fall. Sorority life is about the same as it is every year — there is a definite rhythm. So, that’s no excuse for my lapse. Things are actually fairly calm from a House Mom’s point of view, although probably not to the uninitiated eye. Maybe that’s the issue! I haven’t had anything unusual to write about on this blog.

I enjoyed the efforts all the houses on the row put into Halloween treats for the neighborhood kids. It’s fun to see these “big” kids get into the spirit of an event that’s all about being a kid.

That’s what I remind myself often, especially as I get older — these 18 and 19 year-olds are really just kids themselves. They are enjoying their first taste of being on their own, separate from parents and making their own decisions. So I encourage the expressions of innocence that’s often buried under layers of makeup and sophisticated clothing. I guess that’s why I enjoyed Halloween a little more this year.

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