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House Director Salaries

“ASK MONA” Answer : Salaries!

The #1 question that new prospective House Directors send in weekly concerns salaries. Salaries range are all over the place. You write in wondering if what you’re being offered is good, especially if you’ve applied to very different locations.

It would be so much easier for everyone if salaries, and benefits, were standardized. But they vary from region to region, whether it’s a university or college, rural or city campus — and whether the individual sorority house has a harder position to fill (some seem to have a revolving door for various reasons).

One thing not mentioned, but what may be taken into consideration, is how financially secure the house is — some carry a big debt for remodels, especially for an historically old mansion, etc. Then there’s the number of girls in the house. Some houses have 25 –- while others have more than 60, plus a number living in apartments who all pay dues. There’s also a subjectivity factor — some Boards really want to keep their Director and have a more personal relationship with her, so provide a higher salary or bonuses like a health club membership.

Often houses in a specific location have somewhat similar salaries, but not always. In a place where cost-of-living is less, like rural Idaho, you can expect the salary to be considerably less than an urban school in an expensive area like New York. Boards in a city have to consider that their Director could be spending over $4.00 for her gas, higher insurance, etc.

You won’t have much of a chance to compare salaries until you’ve accepted a job and moved into a row. Don’t forget though, that you are not paying for commuting costs, parking, rent, food, utilities, or maid service. That’s a wonderful trade-off to take into consideration as you decide whether or not to accept the offer made to you.

And by the way, to all of you who are receiving offers of employment — Congratulations!! To the rest of you, hang in there. Most of the jobs don’t begin until August. You still have plenty of time to get hired.


2 Comments to “House Director Salaries”

  1. Hi Mona! I’m glad to see this question addressed. I notice you said “You won’t have much of a chance to compare salaries until you’ve accepted a job and moved into a row.” Did you know you’re in a prime position to change that? Since we all come here for house director information, your clearinghouse status allows you to talk to employees all over the country, and you could post salary information if you choose. You should consider it. Anyway, thank you for discussing this highly salient, completely pertinent subject. It’s food for thought.

  2. Hi There: I am currently w/ZTA, Rolla, Mo. U of Missouri S&T. I am looking for a position near Houston, Texas. Are you a placement Center? a support center? I would like to communicate w/you. both in stories from other Sis. House Moms, as well as direction, in finding a more lucrative position.

    Thanks and looking forward to readng from you!