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Firing Staff

“ASK MONA” Answer: Firing Staff

Wondering what to do about difficult staff situations is a fairly common question — I wish it weren’t so! I thought I’d make a comment about this given the time of year (heading towards spring break).

Generally, you’ve got about 10 weeks or so to go now before the school year is over. Trust me, it isn’t worth the possibility of fireworks, especially if you can’t replace someone — it could be hard to find another staff member willing to work for that length of time.

While Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks provide a natural transition time, spring break doesn’t always. You’re going to run into unemployment issues, etc. and there’s no need to cost the House anything in the way of extra compensation. However, I wouldn’t rule out putting the employee on a 30 day probation — that sends a strong signal that all is not well and you’re expecting improvement.

Of course, you won’t be inviting the person back in the fall for employment. The contract will natually run out at the end of the term, so you have a graceful exit and can end on much better terms than if you fired them.

1 Comment to “Firing Staff”

  1. Mona,
    Some places do not even wait or set you up so they have reasons for you to leave so they can implement a different plan. Unfortunately I was recently a victim of this at a sorority in Illinois. Sad. I t is a long story but now shows I was a horrible House Mom and cook. I did both jobs, alone.
    It was a sad departure and timing was worse. Notice was given to me on the 20th of Dec. and asked to vacate by the 30th, with a 30 day notice. I complied but it was very difficult at the holidays and with no place to live. I did understand the reasoning to be gone before the girls were to come back on the 3rd.
    I was not perfect, with this being my first try at House Director/ Cook for 36 girls, but I tried. The House Corp Board, unfortunately, did not back me in situations, nor even introduced me at the beginning to inform the girls about me or my position, nor responsibilities. It turned out to be a bad, sad situation. Unfortunately, I really liked it and worked very hard….but apparently not enough. I would very much like to find another position that would give me the opportunity to be involved like this. I am worried about the House Corp termination though. Maybe you have some ideas that will assist me in getting a position in this industry.
    I am 59 years old, a mother and grandmother. I am no longer married so I am free to move to other locations.
    Thanks for listening and my comments.