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Don’t Let The Fall Routine Lead to Boring Meals

How’s your year going, new House Directors?

About now, meals may become the topic of discussion if your cook is getting complacent. Menus can become “stale.” Worse, the food budget begins to soar if the cook starts to rely on too many prepared items from the vendors. Given all the recent bad economic woes, House Directors should be watching their budgets more closely.

Keeping the girls happily fed is ultimately the House Director’s responsibility. Maintaining fresh and appealing menus is the secret. Repetition is the problem.

Often the girls are too polite to say much until it gets awful. Check with them often to see how they are liking the food choices. They are the clients. A big part of sorority life is enjoying communal meals. It’s normal to expect that having a personal cook means good meals coming from the kitchen.

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