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Doing your part to keep this unique Website up and running for eight years!


It’s hard to believe I’ve had up for eight years now. It started with the desire to give other women what I wished I’d had when I discovered this hidden job niche — a handy place and inexpensive to find jobs from anywhere in the country. During these years, hundreds of you have found sorority house director jobs. That’s truly amazing.

Purchasing an ebook helps pay the cost of maintaining this website — which is solely devoted to you! Women looking for jobs may post their resumes for free and search for jobs for free. Buying an ebook and learning about this business benefits you twice because you keep this website up and running in order for sororities to have a place to post their jobs! Many thanks to those of you who have bought an ebook, as the money goes toward the website fees and tech assistance. It’s been a labor of love from me to you, the house directors of America.


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