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Did you find your House Director job through Sorority

Hi  fellow House Directors — and hopefuls!

Occasionally — about once or twice a year — I hear back from a woman who was grateful to find an HD job through Sorority Mom. I’m just curious to find out how many woman have been helped.

I’ve hosted more than 800 of your resumes on the site free-of-charge. But I think there are many more who are readers of the site and contact the job posters/sororities directly. I know this, because I have a counter attached to each page that tells me how many times it has been viewed. It keeps track of the number of resumes sent directly off the site, too (though confidentiality reigns supreme and I have no idea who sent them — just the total sent).

I’m deciding whether or not to spend the money to update the website. This would be my fourth generation! With all the WordPress updates, Windows 8 issues, and tech problems in general for this old gal, I’ve been getting complaints this year about glitches here and there. They seem to vary all over the place. It certainly isn’t possible to troubleshoot the oddball issue without paying for continuous support on this end of things. I think older software and machines aren’t being supported as tech improvements whizz by us all. I’m not equipped to handle these. But I have to decide if the money is a worthy investment.

Sorority Mom. com was conceived as the place I wished existed when I was job hunting after a divorce later in life.  At that time, it was impossible to know where the jobs were nationally. I made it free to help single older women who needed/wanted to work in their retirement years in a field that actually wanted us and valued our years of experience! I knew firsthand how tight the finances were. So, it’s been a gift to you all these years!

Please let me know if you found a home/job (one and the same) using my website.

And if you did, that makes me very happy!






2 Comments to “Did you find your House Director job through Sorority”

  1. I was given your website when I attended a wedding and met the house director of the young lady getting married in 2011. It was a prayer answered because I had become an empty nester and was in both a dead end job and a house that I no longer needed or wanted to take care of. In the summer of 2012, I had many phone interviews and two visits to campuses. In June of 2012, I accepted my first job as a House Director and love it. I am not sure how I would have been able to do it without your website and manuals. It required some huge changes as I had to move to a new city and sell my house but it has been worth it.

    I purchased the Sorority Mom ebook information that you offered and it helped greatly. I am not sure if I will remain where I am or search for other positions in the future but I am not sure where I would begin without your website. I would be willing to pay a fee to help you maintain it as I would not have found this job or know where to search for another.

    The only things I wasn’t prepared for in selecting this position is that I had anticipated that I would have a group of like minded house directors to be available to meet and become friends with. As it turned out, the university where the sorority is located only has 3 house directors and 9 total sororities on campus and the other 2 are graduate students who are closer in age to the house members than to me. The other thing that happened is that one of our ladies who was getting ready to move into the house in January 2013 died 2 weeks after she was in an off-campus house fire on New Year’s Day. However, it was not something anyone could have anticipated, I just didn’t even consider it with the fact that I was surrounding myself with young people. I was more prepared to think about my own passing than theirs even though I was only 55 when I moved here.

    I would not be anxious to move from this position unless the right opportunity presented itself. However, as you touched on in your manual, there are a number of situations that could find me back in the job market that I have no control over. I also would consider moving to a warmer climate or closer to my children.

    I hope that this helps you with your decision. If you decide to discontinue this service, I would be interested in learning what is involved in setting up and/or maintaining such a website as I believe it serves a niche and am grateful for all of your time and effort to establish it. I don’t know if I can do anything to help but want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts and it has been a great resource for me. When I meet other single women and they want to know more about how I got my job, I always refer them to your website.

    Thanks so much,

    Joanne E. Budny

  2. Just in case – sometimes when there is a glich in this system, employers are unable to see the emails and contact numbers of the prospective clients even if we are registered….I would encourage people to place your email and/or phone numbers within your public resume so people can reach you. Hope this helps!

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