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Christmas Vacation’s Over

Christmas Vacation’s Over Next Milestone Spring Break

All over the country, the girls head back to their college life with anticipation. After being on their own and making decisions for themselves all fall, they had a few weeks back at home under parental roofs. As the troops come tromping in the doors, I can tell by their voices they are very happy to get back to life on their own terms. New classes, new chance to start over, maybe even a new roommate this semester. New is the operative word!

Maybe that’s a word for some of you, too. Some women are starting new jobs this semester. Good for you for taking on a challenge mid-year! Others of you are considering making the leap next fall. Guess what? It’s time to get your resume written. The job market heats up and will be in full swing by Spring Break. For some schools, that’s March. The girls by then will be taking off for a fun locale to unwind. But prospective House Directors looking for a job will be winding up!

Besides getting your resume written, you should read up now on what the job entails so you’ll be ready for any job interview that comes your way.

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