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I received an interesting note from one of the women who has posted a job opening on that page on this site. She said she’d barely listed her job before leaving for spring break when some of you sent in her resumes! She was impressed (read her whole message after the posting from Athens, GA). Yep — it’s that time of the year, ladies. The job market is open.

For some of you contemplating your first step into this career, may I suggest you accept one of the openings available right now! It would just be for this last quarter – 10 weeks. You can test the waters without making a 9 month commitment. It might be a way to live in Kansas during the nicest time of the year. Also, you could then put “experienced House Director” on your resume. Something to think about!

2 Comments to “Check Out the Job Listings”

  1. I’d love to be part of this adventure with the young women of today. I was in a sorority 40 years ago in SDak and so enjoyed the friends I made… still have some of them. It would be a true learning experience for all..

  2. I retired from delta zeta in 2008 worked their since 1997 Have been interested to travel and sub when a house mom is needed,, wanted to do this on my 10th year but didnt..I took care of my parents till their passing in june2010.would still like to sub..thanks esther