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Back to Work

For some of us, vacation time is winding down, while others are back at work… and some of you have begun your new job as a House Director!

August is like that — depending on the university system you’re affiliated with, the job start times are staggered. If you got out in May, you’re now back at work preparing your house for the ladies’ return. We got out mid-June, so we have a few lazy days left to us. School won’t resume until September.

For House Directors, the lull of August is the time you call in all the workers and contractors to spruce up the house. You also get the big yearly maintenance chores done that you can’t do when the house is full and busy 24/7 during the school year. In your own home, these could be staggered through out the year. But in a sorority house, it’s all taken care of at once while the house is quiet.

Ignoring those things causes big problems during the year — just imagine the disaster of plugged up toilets in a house of 64 girls! My advice: get the plumber out to clear all the lines. They’re dry after sitting all summer, and as soon as the ladies move back, an old system may go into shock.

I realize this isn’t a topic one would chat about in polite company, but a House Director has to think about the house itself. That’s what August is all about in our world.

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