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When you don’t hear from a House Director for the first month of school, you know it’s BUSY getting ready for the girls’ arrival…and then we all immediately head into Rush.

The school year starts off with such a big push for sororities. Besides being students and having to take care of a college student’s business, starting sorority life at the beginning of the year is demanding for the young ladies, too.

Behind the scenes, winding up all the summer remodeling projects barely gets done. Staff come in ahead of time to clean up…and does the House ever sparkle for a day or two.

Then BOOM…scores of girls and all their belongings descend at once. And then equipment breakdowns begin. It seems that a House Director can spend all her time calling for repairmen and waiting for them to show up during Rush. It doesn’t matter how well you took care of all that in the summer.

Such is the busy life of a House Director at the beginning of the year! The good thing is, we know it will settle into a routine before long.

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