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A Million Fleas Welcome Me Back

How many of you returned to open an empty house and found it was not empty after all? I was greeted by a million little critters jumping for glee, as they had been starving with no ankle to bite. So before I’d even unpacked my bags, I’d called the exterminator. I’m not the only one with this problem — maybe it’s just been that kind of summer around here. Possums, cats, raccoons, rats… all love to look for a snug spot under the house or the attic. The next thing to do was look for a missing screen or a hole.

House Directors across the nation are the salvation of the tradesmen at the end of summer. Recession? Not on our row. The trucks and vans are coming and going as the House Directors return and call in the workmen. We do love our plumbers, painters, cleaners and flea exterminators!

I heard from some of you that you landed new House Director positions. Hooray! Meet the new colleagues on your row, and start calling in your own exterminators. I really enjoyed hearing from some of the sororities that had openings posted here at SororityMom. They exclaimed about the quality of the applicants — all of you. That’s why I maintain the site, so you can find each other. I’m glad you did.

Welcome to the first few weeks of your new career. Enjoy the peace and quiet (unless you’ve got workmen hammering away). It won’t be like this again until Christmas vacation!

Have a wonderful start as you tackle the first task — getting the house ready for the new school year. Go meet your colleagues on the row. Go out to dinner. Relax!

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